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Ever had to hit multiple websites to find the best deals on airfare? Sky Trip strives to redefine that with quick and effective air ticket booking facility that assures low cost and maximum convenience.

Lowest Consolidated First and Business Class Airfares

40+ Million Fares

End-to-end Service (One-Way or Round-Trip)

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Our Client Review

We don’t boast. But we don’t mind putting forth what our clients think about us.

Caitlyn Louise

I can always trust Sky Travel for the cheapest first-class air ticket. Quick and efficient platform that literally is changing the way of booking air tickets.

Shay Nielsen

It was one of the finest air ticket booking experiences. And ever since then I have been relying on Sky Trip for all my air travels.

Dinesh Triwedi

The best online platform to book air tickets without any doubt. I regularly use Sky Trip to book tickets for all my business travels. Highly recommended.

About Us

A pioneering airline consolidator that is redefining how people book air tickets, Sky Trip has emerged as one of the most reputed platforms for first and business-class travelers. It packs an advanced infrastructure, in toe with highly qualified professionals, which assure to make your experience wonderful—without burning holes in your pockets.

Rest assured for quick, efficient and cost-effective booking that makes your travels even more fun and exciting. Catering a wide range of audience with countless domestic and international destinations, Sky Trip has got you covered on ever... Read More

Deals From

Asia $4,293 $2,573
Africa $2,565 $4,293
Europe $4,293 $1,788 Company com
Middle East $3,856 $2,145
Oceania $4,645 $2,634
Aisapacific $4,250 $2,614

Prices Per Continent

One of the biggest USPs of Sky Trip is the openness when it comes to price of tickets. We’re always upfront with the airfare – how much it costs, how much is discounted and how much you have to pay. No hidden charges, no veiled fees. Check out first-class and business-class air ticket’s price to different continents from various airlines. Find which one is the cheapest and save big bucks. Yes, it’s that easy with us by your side.

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